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Shiva Shiksha Sadan embodies an age – old age ( अहम् ब्रह्म ) -that man is the architect of his own fate and the maker of his own destiny. With the rapid changes in the world educational scenario, a sincere and earnest thought is given time-to-time to provide such an education which expands the intellect, initiates into the life of truth and the practice of values and moral rectitude, draws every intrinsic potentiality to create a sound mind in a sound body and makes the learners in harmony with all existence, broad- minded and SELF-RELIANT which is the very essence of the school motto. With the kind benisons of Lord Shiva, the School has been carving a niche in conspicuously accomplishing the School Motto and getting wide National Acclaim since its inception.The basic aim of education is…

Appreciation Letter

From The Principal's Desk

As we embark upon a voyage into the new millennium, it gives us an opportunity to reflect on “What is” and “What should be”. The last two decades of the 20th century have seen a revolution in almost all walks of life. The world is fast converging from a set of different nationalities on a global village. We are truly witnessing the arrival of the…

Mrs. Alka Vij