Middle Wing Computer Lab

In pace with the worldwide trends of information technology based teaching and learning, we at SSS, have set up computer labs equipped with high class infrastructure to match the present scenario and also with latest technology gadgets and software to help students excel and compete in today’s world of hitech expertise. Middle and senior segments to nurture students’ inquisitiveness and enhance their scientific quests. These labs offer a conducive teaching learning experience for students of all classes.

We have created a very friendly environment with the latest computer hardware and software technologies. We provide a platform for students to exhibit their technical skills through developing project applications.Middle computer lab is a home to students from class VI – X,having stations/desktops running windows operating system, which support computer lessons. Lab is also connected to high speed broadband connection for internet surfing nder teacher surveilliance, enhanced with the knowledge of information technology, also allows the students to gather information regarding various subjects. The lab functions on the mantra of

‘learning by doing’

to expose the students to the rudiments of computer environment at young age, when they are at learning stage and the capacity to grasp is high. We at SSS , follow the policy of one computer per child and school computer lab is equipped for the same. Our teachers assist students in seekinginformation creating multimedia content, collaborating on project work and presenting the knowledge gathered from multiple sources. These interactive lessons develop invaluable skills and knowledge essential to the emerging world of information technology.