Administration Block

School administration is an important part of education. It is responsible for institutional planning and management. It decides How to use the available resource and how to initiate steps to mobilize the resources, to find innovative proposals and methodology which can successfully take the school to utopian state. The approach to administrative block is very congenial to the parents and students. It is housed on ground floor near the school entrance.

Specialization or division of labour is quality of efficient work. It increases the output with minimum input. On the same principles, the organization of SSS has various levels. Each block i.e. Primary, middle, secondary & senior secondary has separate incharge. The primary incharge, Ms. Anita Tiwari looks after the welfare of tiny tots from her office, which is situated on ground floor of primary block. Mrs. Kusum Bansal (vice principal) also pays special attention to the students of Middle & Secondary classes and senior secondary has two mentors, Mrs. Ritu Gupta for commerce and Mrs. Jyoti Dawar for science. The incharges have separate office to listen and attend to grievance of students and parents. Principal’s office holds the central position with management offices (Manager & secretary) on one side and offices of various incharges on other side for smooth functioning of school.

The pivot of any institution is the manager who gives direction to the plans and supported with monitory help & this office is held by Sh. Virender Kumar Bansal.