CCTV systems provides an effective solution for educational environment. Keeping intruders off campus and remotely monitoring secluded areas cut down significantly on crime and provides peace of mind to administrators, teachers, staff, students and parents. To create a safer environment for learning, SSS offer cutting-edge security measures. Network CCTV systems have many advantages over conventional Hardwired systems, the cameras are connected to existing computer network cabling (LAN). Thus saving the need for dedicated cabling for each camera position. The images can be viewed from allocated PC at Manager’s office on computer network, and then stored onto a hard drive. The configuration of the camera system is based on a philosophy, to record the face of everyone entering the building. There is also a general surveillance of long corridors, the images of persons at the far end of the corridor may be too small to identify, but might be adequate to identify a person carrying equipment. Trying to protect the exterior building perimeter, car park, sports areas, bicycle sheds, utility connections and other outside areas, there are used exterior cameras. Exterior cameras are provided with weatherproof environmental housings. Exterior cameras also adjust dynamically to a wide range of lighting, from direct sunlight to little or no light in the evenings. The school is equipped with modern CCTV systems use which records camera images. This has plea for higher quality recording, easier image archiving and lower system maintenance. Digital recorders can change the frame rate dynamically when motion is detected in the screen. This is important to maximize the recording archive period.