From The Principal's Desk

It is my proud privilege to share this space with you all as head of renowned institution, Shiva Shiksha Sadan. It believes in quality education, fosters creativity, independent thinking and development of moral and ethical values to achieve better quality of life.

It is true that with a click of mouse, a child gets ready-made material which hampers the thinking power and creativity. Now-a-days the aim of education simultaneously reflects the need for development of values. These days peace and security are facing new challenges and threat.

Our values and attitude are a major influence on our prospect of achieving a sustainable future.

The message of our honurable Prime Minister teaches us equality. According to him in new Bharat, the term VIP has become obsolete now and new term EPI (Every Person is Important) would certainly change the scenario as young minds have tremendous potential, immense power of observation, creation and knowledge which get burried under pressure. The weight of parents' expectations is heavier than weight of school bag. Children can perform better when they are relaxed. So, parents should focus on three things:

Accept your children as they are, mentor them and give them quality time.

Dear children believe in yourself and you will find magic of self-belief leading to success. Moreover, Be kind to everyone and Score with smile.

With Best Wishes